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  • Getting a copy of your transcripts
  • How to get an attested copy of your degree?
  • Can NUST provide any document as proof of language for immigration/PR?
  • Are you an expat or residing in Pakistan and wish to visit NUST with your friends or family to relive the memories and nostalgic moments or to show them around?
  • and more…

A tri-party MoU between Nustian Canada, NAA and NUST has been initiated. However, it will take a few months to draft, approve and sign it. Therefore, do note that currently Nustian Canada (or any of the office bearers) do not claim to be representatives of UAO. 

However, till the MoU is signed and you wish to contact NUST’s University Advancement Office in Pakistan, we encourage you to directly email them at:

(Ms Maria)

(Ms Rubab)

You will find the UAO team to be very resourceful and available to address your queries 24/7 and throughout the calendar year. They shall not only be able to acknowledge your request promptly but also do whatever’s possible at their end to expedite the process to service your faster. If you still have any outstanding query or are unable to contact them, then reach out to any of the Nustian Canada’s GB members, we will try to personally get in touch with UAO to connect you with their team.