Fundraising Drive

Our generous donors have helped raise over $2500 so far in 2020

Nustian Canada accepts two kinds of donations



NUST supports 500 new students every year through scholarship funds – NUST Endowment for Educational Development (NEED). We want to facilitate Canadian community to contribute back to NUST (and/or similar need-based scholarship programs/schools/organizations in Pakistan) in this noble cause and support the alumni and broader student community in a streamlined manner through our registered non-profit organization, Nustian Canada. 

Sadaqah / General Donations

This will contribute towards NUST alumni outreach efforts, help fund the administrative fees (bank accounts, transaction fees, legal matters, tools used to service the community, logistics, events etc.) of the non-profit organization, as well as help increase our collective impact in Canada.

Donation Channels


Bank transfer:
Title: NUST Alumni
Account No: 5286890
Branch No: 00932
Institution No: 004
Bank: TD Bank, Mississauga Square One Branch


Please mention in the Interac message or email whether it is a zakat or a general donation.


Most frequent questions and answers

NUSTIAN Canada is a nonprofit organization* registered in Canada governed by an Alumni board and managed by an Executive Committee. Its purpose is to connect the NUST alumni living in Canada as well as the new comers, and help them grow professionally as well as a community. NUSTIAN Canada also contributes back to NUST in various ways including mentoring current students and raising funds to support NUST scholarship program.

* Corporation Number: 1159571-7 (More details:

NUST supports around 300 new students every year through scholarship funds. The purpose of our fundraiser is to facilitate the NUST Alumni in Canada who want to contribute back to NUST in this noble cause through zakat and donations.

We ensure all the donors that their donations will be used for supporting the education of NUST students who need partial or full financial assistance. The contributions may be given to the students directly or contributed towards an endowment fund to support students on an ongoing basis. A part of these donations (non-zakat) may be used to cover the operational costs of our nonprofit organization.

Donations under zakat will only be directed to supporting the education of zakat-eligible NUST students. The disbursement of funds and assessment of eligibility is carried out by NUST, which is explained as a separate FAQ later. Please note that NUST collects zakat on behalf of zakat-eligible students as a waqeel, and not as an institution.

More than 300 students are supported per year, for the past 4 years through these donations. 100+ students with 100+ scholarship seats made permanently free. More details can be found it here:

We are working on registering NUSTIAN Canada for donation matching at leading companies that offer such programs. We will post the updates here.

NUST has established a completely shariah compliant based module within the university. Besides having a separate zakat collection account, our shariah advisor sits in every interview to determine the Zakat eligibility of the students. In addition to the interviews, NUST also undertakes 100% ground check of the students to ensure that the fund is being disbursed to the most deserving students. Fatwa is attached below.


There are various options currently available:

1) Interac: 

Please mention in message whether it is zakat or a regular donation

2) Bank transfer: 

Title: NUST Alumni

Account No: 5286890

Branch No: 00932

Institution No: 0004

Bank: TD Bank Mississauga Square One Branch

Please send an email to to specify it as a zakat or a regular donation.

3) Paypal:

Please select zakat or general donation from the dropdown.

Total tuition fee for a 4-year bachelor program is approximately CAD 9,000. Living expenses including hostel are approximately CAD 6,000.

We do provide acknowledgement receipts, but currently we are unable to offer charitable tax receipts. We are working on it and will post the updates here.

Please visit the website of NUST NEED-BASED SCHOLARSHIP (NNBS) here: and

Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions or need more clarification on any of the above topics. We will be happy to help you.

The following answer is from UAO NUST.

All restricted funds (that is limited through agreements) are disbursed according to the clauses, to the students the donor has opted to support. There are also open fund collection, meaning they are for general pool, for disbursement to special cases as and when needed. All pay-out details have of funds i.e. endowment, or zakat are now being added to NTF annual reports. We will share the latest one as soon as it is published. It is currently under review of BoT members.

The answer below is from the University Advancement Office (UAO) at NUST.

  1. The donor or partner, once pledges support, signs a document of understanding with the university which outlines the clauses of spending and purpose. For example, in cases where the contribution is for adoption of students or when the partner establishes a permanent endowment seat. Let me add here, the endowment seat is established with one time donation of PKR 3 million, in the name of partner, the amount is invested and return supports one student till he/she graduates. The seat becomes available again for adoption in next intake, and the cycle continues. For example, NUSTian Canada Chapter can have it’s own endowment, supporting a student from the school/degree of their own choice. 
  2. The funds are transferred to NUST Trust Funds account, however, we also utilise the NUST’s dollar account for foreign wire transfers. The donor is communicated on the receipt of contribution as soon as payment is received. Payment can also be sent directly to NTF accounts via wire transfers, local bank transfers or through credit payment via advancement portal. However, donors have to loop us in so we keep tabs on the payments and categorise them accordingly.

In our current working model, similar to NUSTIAN USA chapter, all funds are collected at their end, they manage the reporting and compliance at their end. With us, they correspond on the student adoptions or support. We share complete details of cases that requiring support, along with their results. The chapter then transfers the lump sum amount to NTF/NUST accounts.

(Please note that Nustian Canada is working on establishing the same model as NUSTIAN USA)

The following answer is from UAO NUST.

Since 2018’s academic intake the financial aid application process has been automated. 

  1. Applicants fill a detailed 14-page form along with evidence of their father’s income, utility bills etc.
  2. Based on the applications, the candidates are shortlisted with monthly household income less than PKR 40,000 as one of the cut-off criteria. Assessment is carried out after thorough comparison between income and expenses of the applicant’s household.
  3. Selected candidates are offered conditional scholarship offer with deferring of tuition fee at the time of admission. This ensures that most deserving students do not miss out the chance of getting admission.
  4. While the admission process is ongoing, panel/telephonic interviews of the applicants are also being carried out to vet the cases further, and Shariah advisor also assesses their zakat eligibility. 
  5. Finally, ground check of 100% applicants are done as the last vetting process. For ground check, Financial Aid office shares the data with army units, police or employees of city/district of the awardees, depending upon which of the above can be most effective. They visit the house address to cross check info provided by the candidates.
  6. After award of scholarships, the performance of beneficiaries is monitored to ensure they are doing well academically
  7. Each faculty is assigned 10 students to mentor and coach throughout the degree programme
  8. CGPA is monitored and reported to the donors on annual basis. Scholarship is withheld if score falls below 2.5, only to be released once results improve. In case the gpa drops below 2, with agreement of School/College the scholarship can be discontinues and shifted to another deserving case. Donors are informed of the decision. 
  9. Donors can mentor their beneficiaries as well or help them with securing internship/jobs later on.