It helps when a certain brand of ‘crazy’ friends define a goal. Then one enjoys the journey despite the bumps along the way.

Kiran since day one, defined the culture, leading by example to unite fellow alumni members; kept things inclusive since 2013.

Saif had a craze for networking and meet ups, and started organizing events; it set the momentum.

 Ahsaan has always been the social glue at events and internal meetings; that kept us driving.

North American platform (overall for USA/Canada) was operational, but Uzair gave the vision for Tehreek e Nustian Canada; this meant better regional operations and localized services. In the background Talha from Canada and Shiraz & Ahsan from USA, provided full support to set up an independent chapter for Canada. 

Sami with back to back home runs; non-profit company registration and bank account.

Volunteers in 2019 were amazing! Arslan, Sarah, Ferzia and Imad were instrumental throughout and nailed the milestones, one after another.

Executive Committee was spun off in 2020 and it is off to a healthy start with Usama running the operations…

ALHAMDULILLAH so far so good and much more exciting initiatives to come.

Founding Board

2018 - present